Department of Visual & Technological Arts


The course of painting at department of Visual & Technological Arts is to provide a holistic painting education with the goal of producing creative, knowledgeable and collaborative visual arts who understand their responsibilities to their community and country, their art and their personal growth. The painting course will promote painting and drawing through an interactive approach to course work which is mainly practical studies and painting production that challenge, enlighten and edge our students and community.



  • To acquire and improve varies artistic styles and creative skills to prepare them for employment graduate study in visual arts.
  • To gain proficiency in varies countries of visual arts.
  • To learn the importance of visual challenge towards our community and country.
  • To provide experience in drawing and painting and to develop visual awareness creativity and in the handling of art material.



After completion of the course in music, students will be able to :

  • Apply skills and knowledge within a painting production and explain the personal and cultural significance of the art works.
  • Experiment minatory of art work in the Sri Lankan art trends.
  • Formulate modern art and traditional art in Sri Lanka.
  • To analyze relation with art and social economic of sri lanka and world.
  • To analyze the line, colors, composition light & shade of art.
  • To satisfy various artistic style and various period of art.


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Mr. R. Pragash

BFAHons (Art & Design) (UoJ), MPhil (Visual Arts) (UVPA)

Senior Lecturer Gr-II

Department of Visual & Technological Arts


Mobile: +94 77 228 3176