Academic Syndicate


The Academic Syndicate is the academic authority of Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies (SVIAS) and exercises general supervision over the affairs and management of the Institute.

Present Academic Syndicate members are as follows.


1.Dr. Florence Bharathy KennedyDirector/SVIAS
2.Dr. Mrs. J. GnanadasHead, Dept. of Dance, Drama & Theatre
3.Dr. T. PratheepanHead, Dept. of Carnatic Music
4.Dr. K. SiyamalangiHead, Dept. of Visual & Technological Arts
5.Mr. S. ChandrakumarHead, Dept. of Fine Arts/EUSL
6.Mr. K. RavichandranNominee of the Faculty Board, Faculty of Arts & Culture/EUSL
7.Mrs. D. ThedchanagowryMember appointed by Director/SVIAS
8.Ms. M. Mangaleswary ShankarMember appointed by Director/SVIAS
9.Ms. V. PahirathanSenior Lecturer in Tamil/SVIAS
10.Dr. (Ms) C.S. RanjithkumarSenior Lecturer in Dance/SVIAS
11.Dr. (Ms) J. VignarajanSenior Lecturer in Carnatic Music/SVIAS
12.Dr. (Ms) T. ParamathevanSenior Lecturer in Dance/SVIAS
13.Dr. (Ms) U. NesakanthanSenior Lecturer in Dance/SVIAS
14.Mr. K. MohanathasanSenior Lecturer in Drama & Theatre/SVIAS
15.Ms. Uma SrishankerSenior Lecturer in Drama & Theatre/SVIAS
16.Dr. T. J. JeyapragashSenior Lecturer in Dance/SVIAS
17.Mr. U. PriyatharsanSenior Lecturer in Computer Technology/SVIAS
18.Dr. (Ms) N. PrashanthSenior Lecturer in Carnatic Music/SVIAS
19.Dr. S. SivaretnamSenior Lecturer in Visual & Technological Arts/SVIAS
20.Mr. R. PragashSenior Lecturer in Visual & Technological Arts/SVIAS
21.Mr. T. TharmalingamStaff Representative/SVIAS
22.Mr. A. ArulsanjeethStaff Representative/SVIAS
23.Mr. B. PrashanthanSenior Assistant Librarian/SVIAS (On Invitation)
24.Ms. M.A.C. Fathima AroosiyaSenior Assistant Registrar/SVIAS (Secretary)