Unit of ICT



The Unit of ICT (UICT) of the Swamy Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies was established as an independent unit in 2018. As its main task, the unit offers computer course modules for the students of all four degree programmes in the Institute. The aim of these modules is to enhance students’ overall knowledge in computer, multimedia and web applications and technical skills that are essential to carry out their day-to-day activities. The UICT has two fully equipped computer laboratories and a server room to cater the requirements of undergraduates for their practical sessions of various course modules.

Following are the other services offered by the UICT  in addition to its main activity of providing computer related modules for the degree programmes.

    • Managing Internet and email services of the Institute.
    • Maintaining the SVIAS website.
    • Providing hardware, software and network support services.
    • Conducting Certificate courses on selected topics.
    • Organizing and conducting workshops, seminars, staff training programmes for academic, non-academic and administrative staff members.
    • Providing and maintaining self-access learning service SVIAS LMS.



Dr. S. Srivathsan
PhD in Multi Agent Systems (Otago, NZ), BSc Hons (Computer Science)
Senior Lecturer Gr-II
Mobile: –
coordinator_uict_svias@esn.ac.lk, sriashalyas@esn.ac.lk