Student Welfare

Ms. Sathana

Ms. S. Sathana

Assistant Registrar
Student Welfare
TP: +94 65 205 0702


The Student Welfare Division at the Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies is a key administrative division which deals with matters that have direct concern on students’ facilities – that is the division coordinating;

  • All the matters pertaining to student accommodation.
  • Matters with regards to providing Financial Assistance to students (i.e. Mahapola, Bursary and Endowments).
  • Matters pertaining to appoint relevant officers in welfare (i.e. Senior Student Counselor, Student Counselors, Wardens and Sub Wardens).
  • Matters relating to student welfare and counseling in liaison with the officer-student welfare division at EUSL, and student counselors at the institute.
  • Matters related to health care, recreation, physical education and sports activities of student in liaison with Institute’s Medical Officer, Sports Coordinator at the Institute and Physical Education Unit, EUSL.
  • Matters with regards to student disciplines.
  • Matters pertaining to student union and associations.
  • Assisting the General Administration Division in maintenance of student hostels and canteens.
  • Convening the meetings of Board of Discipline and Residence (BRD) and follow up work.
  • Handling Canteen Facilities.