Mr. T. Tharmalingam


Mr. T. Tharmalingam

BA (Drama & Theatre), PGDip (Drama & Theatre), MPA (Drama & Theatre) (Pondichcheri University, India)

Lecturer (Probationary)

Department of Dance, Drama & Theatre 

Phone: +94776181133

  • Master of performing Arts M.P.A (Theatre Arts) Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry India – 2015 – First Class.
  • Post Graduate Diploma PGDT(Theatre Arts), Pondicherry Central University Pondicherry India – 2015 –  First Class.
  • Bachelor of arts B.A (Hons) Drama and theatre arts (Special) University of Jaffna – 2007 – First class
  • Tharmalingam.T(2009),” Tharcius’s Approaches On Play Direction  In Sri Lankan  Tamil Theatre” -Descriptive Study And Documentation, Meippadu Magazine
  • Tharmalingam.T(2009),” The Red Lantern Play In  Professional Theatre Production Process, Meippadu Magazine
  • Tharmalingam.T(2012),’Sharing The Shooting Experiences Of Ini-Avan Feature Film “Yazhosai”Date;05.10.2012 & 12.10.2012
  • Tharmalingam.T(2018),”Healing Technics in Sri Lankan Tamil Tradition” In 3rd  International conference SVIAS –EUSL 
  • Tharmalingam.T(2017),”Atuvum –Utuum based on Sri Lankan Tamil Theatre Tradition”  In 2nd   International conference SVIAS –EUSL 
  • Tharmalingam.T(2013),”Kalaiththokaijum Kooththum’ In National Seminar On “Dramatic Expressions Revealed In Sangam Agam  Poems,
  • Tharmalingam.T(2013),”Theatre In Ezham Tamils Life” In Inter National Conference Trends And Movement In Contemporary Theatre Thalai-Kool Theatre Festival.
  • Tharmalingam.T(2013),”Sankarathas Swamikal’s Life And Theatre” Special Presentation In Sankarathaas Suwamikal Festival Pondicherry Tamil Sangam.
  • Tharmalingam.T(2012),”Ezham Short Films” Mass Media Week In Commission For Social Communication Diocese Of Jaffna.

Theatre Workshops conducted

  • 2016: Theatre Skills development, AGA Office nallur
  • 2007: Workshop on Directing & Management  in Drama & Theatre External Degree Students, Jaffna
  • 2008: Workshop on Directing & Management  in Drama & Theatre External Degree Students, Jaffna
  • 2009: Theatre Skill development program, J/Chundukkuli girls’ school, Jaffna
  • 2011: Theatre skills development. j/kokuvil hindu college, jaffna
  • 2012: Peace building under UNDP project , J/pandatharipu hindu colege

 Theatre Workshops participated

  • 2004: Image Theatre, Mr.George Thomson, University of Jaffna
  • 2003-2006 : Relive & personality Development, Mr.K.Sithampatanathan, University of Jaffna
  • 2004: Skills development in Acting, Mr.K.Ratheetharan, University of Jaffna
  • 2005: Mime Theatre, British council, YMCA Jaffna
  • 2000-2002: Theatre Skills Development, Mrs.M.Kokila Mahendren, Mrs.K.Pakeerahri, Mrs.Kirupananthan, “Solaikujil” Center for performing arts Maruthanarmadam
  • 2013-2015: First Class- M.P.A Degree Program in Drama & Theatre Arts, Pondicherry Central University
  • 2014-2015: First Class- P.G Dip in Drama & Theatre Arts, Pondicherry Central University
  • 2003-2008: First Class- B.A (Hons) Degree Program in Drama & Theatre Arts, University of Jaffna
  • 2012: Best Dance Drama Actor in National Dance Drama Competition, Cultural Ministry of Sri Lanka
  • 2012: Best Dialouge Writer for Vanmam Short Film, AAA Movie International
  • 2012: Best Actor Ezhuththupizhai Short Film, AAA Movie International
  • 2007: Best Director Arts Week Drama Competition, University of Jaffna
  • 2002: Best Actor, Best Dancr, Best Scout, J/Mahajana College Tellippalai